Philadelphia Housing Development Corp. Programs
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Basic Systems Repair

This program provides free repairs to the electrical, plumbing, and heating systems of owner-occupied homes in Philadelphia. The program may also provide free replacement of a house’s roof if major damage such as a collapsing ceiling is evident.

Weatherization Assistance

This program provides free weatherization and energy-efficiency improvements to owner-occupied houses and tenant-occupied rental units in Philadelphia

Adaptive Modification

This program is designed to help individuals with permanent physical disabilities live more independently in their homes. It provides free adaptations to a house or an apartment, allowing easier access to and mobility within the home.

Income eligibility requirements apply.)

Office of Housing and Community Development Programs
(215) 686-9723

First-time Homebuyer

Settlement Assistance Grant provides up to $500 per household to help first-time Philadelphia homebuyers pay for closing costs. Includes free homeownership counseling.

Housing Counseling

Housing counseling prepares you for homeownership by helping you understand the responsibilities of purchasing and owning a home.

Area Counseling Agencies:

Diversified Community Services
(Dixon House)
1920 S. 20th Street (215) 336-3511
United Communities SE Philadelphia
2029 S. 8th Street (215) 467-8700


Home Improvement Loans For Philadelphians whose credit may not be perfect
PHIL-Plus loans are provided by the following banks: Citizens Bank, TD Commerce Bank, PNC Bank, and United Bank of Philadelphia.

What is PHIL-Plus?

The PHIL-Plus Home Improvement Loan program helps Philadelphia homeowners with less-than perfect credit obtain the money needed to do large repairs or to make big improvements. You can use leftover funds to pay off existing consumer debt.

What are the features of PHIL-Plus?

Borrow up to $25,000
Terms up to 20 years
No equity in property required
No bank fees
Free inspection of completed work

What type of property is eligible?

Your property must be an owner-occupied residence located in Philadelphia. Residences may contain between one and four residential units (duplex, triplex, and quadraplex). Condominiums are not eligible.

Who is eligible?

Even if you’ve had credit problems in the past, you might qualify for PHIL-Plus. You must own and live in the house that needs repairs.

(Income eligibility requirements apply.)


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